Tuesday, 5 June 2012

All Wired Up: French Hook Ear Wire Tutorial (with a twist)

This is my twist on the classic French Hook ear wire
It's very simple, and will take around 10 minutes of your time.

What you will need to make this rather fine French Hook style earwire:

0.8mm wire (brass shown here, as it was to hand, but any metal you choose can be used)
                  Flat or half round nose pliers
                  Round nose pliers
                  Side cutters
                  Large bail pliers
                  (optional, any cylindrical item could be used that is the correct size, such as a thick pen)

step 01
Step 1: Cut 2 lengths of wire around 7cm in length.

step 02
Step 2: snip the ends to create to ensure same length and neat ends

step 03
Step 3: Line the wires up next to each other and create a loop using your round nosed pliers.
I’ve made the loop near the top of the jaws of the pliers.

step 04
Step 4: taking one wire in hand, place the round nose pliers under the loop, about half way
down the nose of the pliers and bend back in the opposite direction of the first loop to create
a ‘shepherds crook’ effect.

step 04

Step 05
Step 5: Using flat nose or half round nose pliers, grip the wire under the loop around half way
down the jaws of the pliers and bend the wire back so that you’re bending towards
the first loop you made.

Step 06
Step 6: Using the bail pliers, grip the wire in the jaws of the pliers sat snugly in the corner
you’ve just created and bend the wire forward over the larger jaw of the pliers to complete the hook.

Step 07
Step 7: Use your thumb or finger pad to create a gentle curve in the length of the wire
that will go through the ear.

Step 08
Step 8: Use file to shape and soften the end so that it fits through the ear without scratching.

Step 9:  Repeat steps 4-8 on the second wire.